Top reasons to have professional printed business cards

Nowadays, recording and storing information has become simple and fairly reliable using any digital media. One of the most common storage media is a cell phone. I put the phone of the desired employee or partner into the contacts, and it seems to be at hand, always nearby. And if the phone is broken or lost? All: information is also lost, contacts are lost, opportunities are lost!

Common courtesy

That is why, along with all electronic novelties and information carriers, a business card is still in demand, it is also necessary. Common courtesy requires that a person has personal or corporate (if he represents the company) business cards, which do not simply indicate the respectability of the owner. Now almost every person has a business card: the managers and specialists of the enterprise, the creative people …

The rationale for making business cards is quite straight forward: But let us dig into 3 reasons why business card are essential!


In fact, the business card of a business person, indicating his personal data, has an important role when meeting. Imagine a situation: you met a new person and asked him to write down his contacts. He writes them, most likely, not in the phone, diary, or notebook. Most often — on a piece of paper. First, it is a waste of time, and secondly, it is possible that a piece of paper may be lost. Therefore, it would be best if you exchange business cards (e.g. from business cards vancouver) while meeting you.


Presentation of business cards emphasizes your respect for the interlocutor. It eliminates the need to write down the telephone number/e-mail/office address on paper, or, if in a hurry, leave your data in the memory of the mobile. Just think back to that awesome business card scene from the movie “American Psycho” – let us freshen up your memory:

Reason to call

In addition, the presence of a business card indicates a personal acquaintance, and in accordance with the rules of business etiquette, you have every reason to use the contact for the further development of business relations. Therefore, it can be said that the main purpose of the business card is to show the interlocutor your goodwill to him and demonstrate readiness for further cooperation.