The Mystery Of The Blue Cave In Croatia

Every year, millions of people take vacations to places where they can explore the wonders on nature. The amazing natural creations are breathtaking, and provides visitors with a sense of disbelief and astonishment. The Blue Cave Croatia is a mesmerizing natural gem that is located on the island of Bisevo just south of Vis Island. The name was derived from the way the sunlight shines on the blue water during certain hours of the day, and fills the cave with the color blue. Visitation to this natural landmark has increased over the years making the wait time to get in very long.


Reasons to visit the Blue Cave

There is probably no other place known that will turn blue right before your eyes. The best time to take the tour is between the hours of 11:00 in the morning, and 2:00 in the afternoon. This is a great educational opportunity for children as well as adults. Learning the fabulous connection of the sun and water, and how a cave formed of rocks has become a popular destination for millions. There is also a romantically enticing aura to the cave. The experience of seeing this wonder with a loved one can be simply awesome. Pictures can not tell the entire story, but the feelings will be memorable.


Well worth the wait

With long waiting lines to get into the Blue Cave, people can take advantage of swimming, or just taking a dip into the water. There is also incredible scenery to help make this adventure worth waiting in line for. The Blue Cave in Croatia was formed centuries ago, but were only accessible to divers. Entry ways have been made to allow for boats of various sizes to enter so that visitors can enjoy the entertainment of the light.