Style & Substance: Get You A Durag That Can Do Both!


In the black community our hair is our crown. So obviously it’s quite fitting for us to want to protect it, preserve it, to nurture and invest in it. Be in investing money into protecting your hair with protective styles, protective garments, or pillowcases, as well as protective styling products to lock in moisture and strengthen. Black hair care is multibillion dollar industry. Seeing so many companies now becoming privy to this and trying to target more of a black audience because of this fact. One of the most prominent protective garments in black hair is the durag. The durag is used to protect your current style to keep your hair need when you sleep in to help with creating waves for people with shorter hair, mainly black man. Because it is common for these to be worn outside of just a bedtime ritual it makes total sense for companies to want to capitalize off of making durags fashionable.

Dripping in Designer

Designer durags covered in logos feature designers such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Chanel timer and plenty more are commonly advised throughout hip hop fashion trends. It’s all too common to see rappers covered in designer labels on their head to their toes and supporting a designer durag. The trend of designer head scarves and durag was huge in the early 2000s and appears to be making a comeback now in 2019. Fashion durags made from satin and silk sporting designer labels or even just simplistic advertising for brands is starting to become more and more common in 2019. With fashion on the forefront of status and branding, people are becoming more and more drawn in to the designer durag in order to keep up with the current trends in fashion. Having more people of color embrace their natural hair has also played a large role in the production and push for the designer headwear.

Savor Style & Substance

These designer durags aren’t just being marketed to men of color, but women of color as well. Between Solange Knowles’ Met Gala look featuring a protective hair accessory to Rihanna incorporating the accessory in her Fenty by Rihanna fashion line which featured stunning lace durags. Durags are becoming a key fashion accessory, and if the trend continues, and as designers become more creative with their approach to the fashionable hair accessory, we’re going to start to notice the durags taking place of other hair style accessories such as the headband and hats as a primary choice headwear accessory. Who could blame a fashionista or fashionisto for choosing to accessorize with a fashion item that holds style and substance to the same standard. I know for myself I would rather choose an accessory that’s going to both protect my hair and provide a stylish trend worthy aspect to it over an accessory that could cause damage!