The Merkur Futur: The Finest Safety Razor Of 2018

Safety Is Key

For many people, shaving can be a daily or weekly task that is necessary for personal grooming. Generally stated, shaving involves exposing one’s skin to an extremely sharp object. Therefore, safety is of the utmost priority when you decide to get rid of body hair. Electric and “throw-away” razors are two of the available choices you have for shaving. However, in most instances, a safety razor may be your best option.

Things To Consider

There are many aspects to consider when you’re trying to find a suitable razor. Safety razors are built with one of four elemental designs. They include one-piece, two-piece, three-piece and the butterfly head. Regardless of the design, all safety razors offer the ability to shave with both of the blade edges. Therefore, they are deemed “double-edge” razors. A useful razor characteristic for men is the length of the handle. Men generally have larger hands than women which means that a safety razor with a longer handle is more suitable. If you’re new to shaving, you may not want to spend too much on your safety razor. It’s important to “test the waters” to ensure that this type of razor meets your needs. Safety razors can range in price up to $200.

The Top Pick For 2018

There is seemingly a boundless number of razor types available on the market. Of all of the contestants for the number one spot, consumers have chosen the Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor. The Merkur company has produced razors for more than 3 decades. Their Futur razor offers the convenience of adjusting the exposure of the blade to the skin. There are a total of 6 levels of exposure. The razor is very stylish as it comes with a smooth and shiny finish. The finish choices include satin, gold-plated and chrome. Individuals with larger hands will find this razor appealing as it boasts an easy to grip handle. The weight of this razor is not extremely heavy. This makes it easier to move across your skin which avoids nicks and cuts. You will also find it easier to avoid ingrown hairs. The weight of your safety razor plays an integral role if you place the razor on level 6 (for the closest possible shave). The Futur razor is crafted in Solingen, Germany. Most are aware that German ingenuity has a history of high quality and excellence.

This Razor Works With You

Even if you lack the proper “form” while shaving, go ahead and give this razor a try. It has a very ritzy look to it. Most buyers state that they get a great shave on a consistent basis. If you’re in the market for a new razor that will treat you with kid gloves, look no further than the Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor. You can read more about it on gazblogs.