AR-15 Best Make Hunting Rifle You Will Read About This Year?

Today, buying arms isn’t the easiest decision. The rapidly evolving arms industry offers a vast sea of options, which makes the selection a matter of comparison and evaluation. It is no revelation that the high-powered semi-automatic AR-15 rifles have gained so many fans. Almost every American household has at least one. The self-loading feature is a standalone benefit that makes it an ideal choice for shooters of varying skill level. Some handlers use the semi-automatic for the high-precision targeting capabilities, which enable them to take down distant prey easily. A single long-range shot can immobilize any moving target. Others appreciate it for the design, a paragon of impeccable craftsmanship, which makes it a stunning beauty to behold. Then, there are the patriots that praise the mighty AR-15 for being a symbol of self-reliance, freedom, and power. It is a paradigm of true American values in their eyes.


The Birth Of AR-15 Rifles

A reproduction of the original magazine-fed AR-15 firearms by ArmaLite; AR 15-style semi-automatics are powerful, lightweight savages. The American firearms designer, Colt, bought the AR-15 patent from ArmaLite in 1959. Colt now owns all trademarks for the design. A decade later, it improved the design logistics and started producing its version of the AR-15 shotguns. It inspired a vogue, where firearms manufacturers everywhere started designing AR-15 rifles for commercial gains. The reception was phenomenal, and AR-15 models quickly became a mainstream hit. The NSSF (US National Shooting Sports Foundation) released their version in 2009, which reprised the AR-15 design but modified it for modern sporting privileges.


The Effects Of Modularity

The immaculate modular construction of AR-15 rifles is a state-of-the-art feature that makes the design a masterpiece. It features an impressive two-part receiver, that is exclusive to AR-15 style sporting and military-grade designs. The AR-15 rifle upper receiver contains a barrel chamber and a supporting bolt carrier. Both assemblies can adopt a scope for precision-targeting benefits. Meanwhile, the lower receive encases the firearm, which has a visible trigger guard at the base of the magazine chamber and in front of the detachable AR 15 pistol grip. Both the top and bottom receivers are held in place by two removable pin sets.


AR 15 Rifle Cartridge Types

These rifles use different barrels depending on the terrain a handler is exploring. Hunters, for example, need large rounds to take down big game. Although these shotguns have swappable firearms, forensics can easily identify discernible marks that tell which piece fired the bullets. The evidence usually points to the upper chamber and barrel because both use the same cartridges. AR-15 cartridges, telescopes, and barrel usually have varying lengths. Read more on the ammo used on


Why AR 15 Hunting Rifles?

Game hunting typically requires a shotgun that provides added versatility, long-range scoping, and accuracy to take down targets. AR-15 style shotguns do a masterful job accomplishing such task. When traversing a terrain that is unpredictable and open, an AR-15 provides maximum protection. The self-loading magazine feature guarantees instant follow-ups when a hunter misfires or loses the target. Feral pigs are particularly aggressive and may retaliate violently when this happens. Having an AR-15 gives the hunter an advantage to react faster than the fiercest aggressors out there in the wild.

Hunters have a habit of concealing their shotguns in remote hideouts, so collapsible stocks make positioning oneself strategically for the onslaught way easier. What’s more, hunting grounds are moist and humid, which makes AR-15 style a reliable companion for its corrosion-resistant, lightweight housing.

There are lot of interesting hunting videos with the AR15 on Youtube (viewers discrection is advised):